Remarkable Whiteboard Paint Review

Remarkable Whiteboard Paint Review

RATING: ★☆☆☆

Suffering from a serious bout or deja vu now… So far in researching these products both my Escreo Whiteboard Paint Review and MagPaint SketchPaint Whiteboard Paint Review uncovered products containing isocyanates. They seem to go to a lot of effort to make it difficult for a consumer to realise they are purchasing a potentially dangerous product. Moving on to my Remarkable Whiteboard Paint Review and yet again this product contains isocyanates!

It’s definitely a more common chemical ingredient than not in these products….

On the positive side Remarkable has the best dry / cure time to usable in just 48 hours which is impressive and the best I’ve seen so far.

However, the shelf life of this product is only 6 months! I’d be careful the product isn’t out of date. It would be best to check how many weeks it has left before it cannot be used. Once mixed you have 45 mins to apply the paint. This is probably the lowest I’ve seen, so it is important to really plan ahead. You will want to have everything ready otherwise the paint will go hard before you get time to apply it.

Remarkable have a product comparison to Ideapaint Pro on their website home page. You can see my Ideapaint review here.

I gave remarkable a 2 out of 5 because the USA has different rules and isocyanates so I think that has to be taken into consideration (it would have been a 1 out of 5 otherwise). Here in the UK it’s available through Boards Direct the Remarkable Whiteboard Paint UK Distributor. They sell the product with no mention of these dangers. There is no MSDS on the Boards Direct site and no mention of the restriction to professional use only and the health and safety requirements. In fact it specifically omits these very important issues. It does mention its asbestos free on the remarkable whiteboard paint instructions which is a relief!

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Some Background on Hexamethylene Diisocyanate (Isocyanates) in DIY Paints

When an MSDS is composed under CLP Regulations, products containing Hexamethylene Diisocyanate (HDI) are automatically flagged up as for “professional use only”. 

These regulations came into force throughout the EU in January 2009. There are strict limits for exposure to HDI (see Use in Coatings on Page 16.) It seems these regulations came into place and the companies that sell these products updated their spec sheets, but neglected to tell their customers. Hopefully with Brexit the control of these harmful chemicals will continue to be regulated, but that’s a different topic!

Before such products can be used, a risk assessment should be undertaken according to local Health & Safety legislation. In the UK, the risk assessment should be carried out in accordance with The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002. In a workplace setting this is the responsibility of the employer. However, when HDI containing products are sold into a DIY setting (i.e. non-professional use), no risk assessment will be undertaken. It is for this reason that these products should be only sold for “professional use only”.

Only after a risk assessment is undertaken can the correct PPE and handling of the product be identified for the environment and circumstances of its use.

Isocyanates are one of the leading causes of occupational asthma in the UK. General information on isocyanates in the workplace can be found here.

This is why the reply from any company that sells these products in the UK and EU should be: “our products contain isocyanates, so, yes, we should only sell to professionals.” There is no middle ground here. These are harmful chemicals and it’s outrageous that companies are selling them to the public.

Remarkable Whiteboard Paint Review

Remarkable are one of the bigger whiteboard paint suppliers and are based in the US. Their website claims it’s 100% environmentally friendly which I know at this point in my whiteboard paint reviews is just not accurate.

Their product does contain isocyanates… They are the first company to at least call attention to the real health dangers of this component in their MSDS. However, they don’t have anything about this being a product only for professional use anywhere on their site as is required by UK and EU law. At a minimum their UK partner, Boards Direct, should have this information on their website.

Remarkable Whiteboard Paint Review 

As I mentioned previously, I made the decision not to purchase anymore products containing isocyanates. They are not suitable for me to install, so there’s no added benefit in ordering them. I am still questioning the companies that do sell products with these chemicals. These products should not be sold to the public. I think these companies should be answerable for this. 

These are the main points:

  • Inaccuracies in the technical info and and what is portrayed on the website
  • Misleading marketing (targeted to home and education when it contains specialist chemical (not suitable for home or DIY use)
  • Requires professional installation due to specialist chemicals 
  • UK / EU requires a Risk Assessment and Method Statement before use in a workplace
  • Potentially highly dangerous to the public who unwittingly install it without doing so safely
  • Sale of products containing these chemicals is supposed to be to professionals only

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  1. I think American standards for dangerous chemicals are not as strict as our UK ones not just for dry erase paints but most paints

    But if being sold by a UK company like boards direct they should be warning people about the risks and making sure they are only sold for use by professional installers

  2. Ivan good article, I’ve posted on the topic before and I have some knowledge in this area I notice you refer to the different USA and EU standards. You are correct but I think you’ll find this interesting from the USA here are some extracts from the CDC guide ( USA)

    “ When feasible, employers should substitute a less hazardous material for isocyanates”

    “ Areas containing isocyanates should be restricted to essential workers. If feasible, these workers should avoid direct contact with these chemicals by using automated equipment operated from a control booth or room with separate ventilation”

    “ When there is potential for isocyanate exposure, workers should be provided with and required to use appropriate personal protective clothing and equipment such as coveralls, footwear, chemical-resistant gloves and goggles, full faceshields, and suitable respiratory equipment”

    “ Worker education is vital to a good occupational safety and health program. OSHA requires that workers be informed about materials that may contain or be contaminated with isocyanates, and the nature of the potential hazard [29 CFR 1910.1200]. Employers must transmit this information through container labeling, material safety data sheets (MSDS), and worker training”

    It’s open and shut to me even the USA has serious concerns about using Isocyanates especially in a product like whiteboard paint I think the marketing of remarkable as non toxic is just not true

    1. It seems to be the same standard as the UK so. I only recently saw a case here where a car retailer was fined £120,000 and ordered to pay costs of £2,657.55 for not having air fed respirator for a member of staff. If these operators can be fined I don’t understand how these companies that are selling a product they shouldn’t be to the public are getting away with it. Here was the article on that company that was fined:

  3. I’m surprised by this I just looked at boards direct website and there is no mention of isocyanates I’m a painter and this is bad form it wouldn’t be obvious to us unless we were supplied with the msds or told we need to take precautions

    If I sprayed this without protection it’s a real health risk but at same time I’m not surprised the truth is nobody worries About the ordinary worker


    hi Ivan

    Im a painter and i agree largely with your reviews, well on the products we have used, i think you made a mistake on the remarkable whiteboard paint review, you say it has to be used within 6 months of manufacture ? But if that was say produced in March, was in USA for 6 weeks then shipped to UK on sea its only got 3 months left by the time it gets to the wholesaler. Sure it could be sitting there for a good few months, then i order for a job and its in the van for a few weeks as often jobs get held up or i have to divert men to where the pressure is.

    It would be completely out of date, that cant be right?

    Anyway i wouldn’t use it because of the Isocyanates but just letting you know…


    thats very strange ive never heard of whiteboard paint going off that fast ive been around a while, very rare to see anything under a year or two, so in summary remarkable is toxic with isocyanates and goes off in the tin … where can i buy it … LOL


    I went onto

    shipping to London for a 30sq ft, thats amercian for 2.5m2 was $139 LOL on top of the $120 kit price so $259 for 2.5m2 Thats a joke…..

    on top it said I had to pay the import tariffs and duties and it didnt say how much.

    I tried the chat and then called nobody answered …. some service im sticking with Muraspec

  7. what a stick up… I was caught with this, you only have a few weeks to apply it once you get it as it turns to garbage in the can unless if not used within a month or two of being made – no chance of a refund from them $120 down on it.. never again

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