Muraspec Memerase Dry Erase Paint Review

RATING: ★★★★★

Best UK Whiteboard Paint Product


No isocyanates, therefore safe for anyone to apply

Quick and easy to apply

Good performance

Low odour and VOC

Clear and easy to follow instructions

UK Manufactured


Must wait 4 days before using

Require primer application before applying whiteboard paint


Not available worldwide – Mainly EU

Muraspec Memerase Dry Erase Paint I’m pleased to say is the third product I’ve found in this category that does not contain isocyanates. I hadn’t heard of this one and, as it was isocyanate free, I bought it. This product is the best whiteboard paint i have reviewed.

I have reviewed a good few whiteboard paints now and unbelievably the majority of them contain isocyanates. Some are not great from an erasibllity perspective either. If isocyanates are present, then they shouldn’t be sold to the public. This is because this substance is very hazardous to your health. So far I have come across multiple companies selling whiteboard paint under the guise of being safe for public use. In fact, under EU and UK legislation, all of these products should only be sold to professionals:

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It turns out Muraspec have been around a long time in the UK. They have a great reputation as a wallcoverings and textiles manufacturer which, I have to say, is great. Most of the other whiteboard paint products I reviewed seem to be more like marketing companies rather than manufacturers who know what they are doing. 

Muraspec Whiteboard Paint Box

I think these marketing companies buy in the whiteboard paint and then label it as wonder paint, but forget to mention how hazardous it is or understand what they are selling as for example when Escreo told me the Isocyanates they used were harmless which was just not true. They completely ignore the fact they should not be selling their product to non professionals, possibly because they are coming from places like China or Eastern Europe where product standards are not the same. I am coming to the conclusion that some of them are the same product with a different label, given the presence of isocyanates.

From reviewing the technical sheets on Muraspec Dry Erase Paint, I found them to be pretty bare so I enquired about more detailed ones. After receiving the safety sheets and reviewing them, there are no isocyanates in this paint. A really good start.

Muraspec Dry Erase Paint Review

Muraspec Dry Erase Paint is a two-component paint with a tin for the white paint and separate bottles containing the hardener. They also have it available in a clear or transparent option which is good. This means you could paint a wall blue, for example, and put the Memerase clear over it.

This kit comes with a help guide, paint, hardener, eraser cloth, pair of latex gloves, foam roller, sanding block, stirring stick, and a sticker.

This is another whiteboard paint where the primer is sold separately so watch out! You will need to purchase this on top of the whiteboard paint. It would be really beneficial if the companies that sell products requiring primer would just bundle it in with the paint. I will say when I was on the phone to Muraspec they recommended the primer and gave me good advice on preparation of the surface which was good.

Unfortunately they don’t appear to have any application videos like most of their competitors.

The kit comes with all you need to create a 6m2 whiteboard wall.

To apply this product all you have to do is add Part 1 to Part 2 (the tin with the paint). You then need to stir for a few minutes until it’s well mixed. 

Like all the products in this category you need to ensure that your surface is well prepared and completely smooth. Not doing the prep can mean that the product underperforms, so this is vital. I had an issue with Smarter Surfaces on this very point. I made the mistake of not properly preparing my wall with primer and the results were terrible. When I redid it with the primer the results were night and day.

Volcano Holes on Whiteboard Paint
No Primer
Whiteboard Wall

Muraspec Whiteboard Paint – Review of Performance

On performance and environmental it’s definitely a 5/5.

This was an easy product to apply. Similar to Smarter Surfaces you have to wait 4 days before using, which is a bit of a pain but not as long as the 7 days with IdeaPaint.

It produces a gloss finish. It wipes really well and cleans up nicely with the spray cleaner they also sent me. There is ghosting on the board.

Overall this is a high-quality, environmentally-friendly, and low-odor water-based whiteboard wall paint that doesn’t contain hazardous chemicals. It’s safe to apply (more on the product safety below) and produces a fantastic finish.

I need to reiterate that Muraspec whiteboard paint is one of the safe products to apply in this category. Most of the whiteboard paints I’ve encountered aren’t suitable for you to apply as they contain isocyanates.  You can read more about Muraspec’s product safety below, as well as the precautions for dealing with paints that contain isocyanates. 

Health & Safety

In reviewing these products I’ve discovered that many of them contain Hexamethylene Diisocyanate which is for professional use only. This means that they need to be applied with special precautions put in place. A written risk assessment is required before installation by professionals only. They are also required to wear PPE. Some companies don’t advertise this clearly, but the information is usually available in the product Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs).

Muraspec uses a different approach for hardening the paint, which does not rely on isocyanates. It still creates the enamel surface these products produce to write on. This may cause allergic reactions but is not directly harmful to your health like isocyanates. Importantly there is no requirement for professionals to install, so it’s perfectly safe for DIY installation.

This whiteboard paint has a low VOC of 12g/litre but to be fair to all most products including the ones with Isocyanates have good VOC levels. The  recommended VOV levels in the UK are 500g/litre for products like these. After opening and mixing there is a very slight odour but it was barely noticeable.

Muraspec performs well in regards to being eco-friendly. It is one of the top performers on this front and it’s a shame they don’t refer to this more on their website. 

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  1. Barrett Bridge Decorators

    ive been using muraspec for 15 years good outfit, they have full digital print setup too

    Memerase is very good no problems with it, the clear whiteboard paint works well over the digital prints


    Ive never had a problem and im on account there over a decade, if your new they probably want to see a few orders from you before they go handing out credit, i wouldn’t blame them for that.

    1. Haven’t tried the magnetic version, but if the whiteboard paint is anything to go by I’d say it’s also likely pretty good.

      I think you apply the magnetic paint then the whiteboard paint so you get that mag whiteboard finish.

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