IdeaPaint CREATE – White Review

IdeaPaint Whiteboard Paint Kit Review

RATING: ★★★★☆


Quick and easy to apply

Excellent dry erase  results

Low odour and VOC

Clear and easy to follow instructions


Must wait 7 days before using

Some toxic compounds in hardener

Price is highest so far 

I’ve ended up having to buy a couple of these products. The first one was substandard, and the the second one (Escreo Whiteboard Paint) turned out to contain harmful chemicals not safe for DIY install.

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I have heard good things about IdeaPaint from the USA  due to its quality finish and lasting results, so was excited to try it.

IdeaPaint CREATE – White – Product Intro

IdeaPaint CREATE – White is a two-component paint with a tin for the white paint and a separate one containing the hardener. 

IdeaPaint White Dry Erase Paint (Whiteboard Paint) that anyone can install

This kit comes with a help guide, paint, hardener, stick for stirring, a roller and a can open.

Simply add this tin to that one and stir until the texture is smooth and even. Like all the products in this category you need to ensure that your surface is well prepared and completely smooth. Not doing the prep can mean that the product underperforms, so this is vital.

It’s important to note that they say a primer is required before the Ideapaint, and that you should only apply it in 50sqft sections. This is so you don’t stretch the product and get the best results from it. I noticed this when applying it you really had to be careful with the roller. Sometimes the paint didn’t cover the wall fully, so going over it a few times was important. 

This is a three coat application. Apply the primer first, then two coats of the whiteboard paint. Once the final coat of Ideapaint is applied you’ll need to wait 7 days before it can be used.

IdeaPaint CREATE – White – Health & Safety

As I’ve discovered with some of these products, they can potentially contain hazardous ingredients. This means that they need to be applied with special precautions put in place, or by professionals only. Some companies don’t advertise this clearly, but the information is usually available in the product Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs).

IdeaPaint CREATE – White is a reasonably safe option to use in this category. This whiteboard paint has a low VOC of 50g/litre. Recommended levels in the UK are 500g/litre. After opening and mixing the tins some odour was detectable, but not very bad. They recommend opening windows and ventilating. Once you do this the smell is barely noticeable when applying. 

However, the hardener does contain sebacate. This compound is very toxic to aquatic life, with long term effects. When you go to wash your roller that water has the potential to end up in freshwater or the sea with this compound. 

The hardener also contains dibutyltin dilaurate. This may cause damage to fertility. It may be mutagenic, meaning it could cause changes to your DNA. And it may be teratogenic, meaning it has the potential to cause an abnormality following fetal exposure during pregnancy / maternity.

Not that good, but not the worst offender I’ve come across in this category! More to come on that in future reviews, but this is where IdeaPaint loses marks. I think there’s a trend in this industry of claiming eco credentials, but not having much substance to them.

Companies seem to equate low VOC to being eco-friendly, but if your product is harmful to aquatic life it isn’t an eco-friendly product. Or potentially harmful to people… Sorry to burst your bubble. All of this is clearly labeled on their product spec, but not something they highlight on their site.

IdeaPaint CREATE – White – Performance

This was an easy product to apply. You have to wait 7 days before using but it’s worth the wait. It needs this time to cure for optimal performance, otherwise you might stain it permanently! 

I’m pretty impressed with the results. It writes and erases as well as a real whiteboard, and has a nice bright white color.

I did notice a very slight orange peel effect on the surfaces once it dried, but it’s not really that bad. I think this might be due to the roller supplied to apply it. 

I have only had this product up for two weeks now and have run into no issues. There is no discolouration and the board continues to wipe well. (I will update this section after more time, but initial indications are good).

If this review was based on performance alone I would have given IdeaPaint a 5/5. Due to some of the compounds in their hardener I had to revise this down to a 4/5. 

14 thoughts on “IdeaPaint CREATE – White Review”

  1. Im in the painting game a while and ive never heard of that so youve done your research ill give you that. I used ideapaint before and its a good product, v pricey though, one product to avoid is rustoleum whiteboard paint its just rubbish, i wouldnt even waster your time reviewing it

  2. yeah the foam rollers can be prone to orange peel but actually its all about the preparation as i said ive used these type products for the crowd we do maintaince painting for before i would say make sure to sand the surface well before priming , again after first coat primer and lightly after second.

    best roller i find is a mohair but you need to pull the loose hairs / fibres out first, on site we would wrap in masking tape acouple of times, works a treat…..

  3. love this product we have Escreo eraseable paint in our office its great although not getting much use as we all working from home 🙁

  4. Ideapaint good product it’s from USA I think they also do magnetic wallpaper called Pull

    Smarter surfaces are British and whiteboard paint is excellent they also do a strong magnetic paint too

    Rustoleum doesn’t work tried it couple times, they do a magnetic paint is total crap too

    Magpaint is Dutch I think, it’s not great looks like orange skin and like Escreo is very dangerous for installer havnt used their magnetic paint

  5. Ideapaint is good product easy install trick is short nap roller I prefer mohair but remove the loose fibres and don’t over apply and then you get a nice flat finish

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