Does Anti-Graffiti Paint Work as Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint?

After a comment from Stevie Lord on my review of Sketchpaint by Magpaint that anti-graffiti paint would do the same thing as whiteboard paint, I thought this would be worth trying for the blog. Not least because as I have found out whiteboard paint is not cheap, some don’t work, and others contain highly toxic isocyanates.

So with trepidation I went to my local paint store London Decorators Merchants on Norwood Road to see what was on offer. I have to say they guys had lots of advice. I picked up some Anti Graffiti Paint for £10, which I thought was very reasonable. I also asked what their view on isocyanates given my experiences with whiteboard paint. Unsurprisingly they confirmed isocyanates should not be sold to the public only professionals due to the risks. They referred me to a handy HSE guide for anyone mixing paints with isocyanates like some of the whiteboard paints I previously reviewed.

Anti Graffiti paint is a paint or coating which forms a protective layer on a substrate where graffiti is likely to appear. The graffiti remains on the coating layer instead of the substrate such as concrete or plaster. This makes it easy to wash the graffiti off with high pressure, hot water and soap.

So it makes sense that it might work the same as a whiteboard paint. For this review I’m using Graffiti Block C.

graffitiBlock C anti graffiti paint

The application steps were straightforward:

1: Ensure surface is clean, stir the anti graffiti paint
2: Apply first coat of paint, allow to dry
3: Apply second coat of paint

That’s it, it says to wait one day for graffiti. As Escreo, Ideapaint, Smarter Surfaces, Remarkable had an average of 5 days I decided to wait the same.

On the environmental side it was water based and isocyanate free.

Applying the Anti-Graffiti Paint

The product reminded me of milk. It was very thin and almost like white water. On first impressions I’m sceptical this is going to work. The whiteboard paints were thick but this is a really thin consistency.

First coat went on with a foam roller very easily and was dry within about twenty minutes.
I noticed the second coat had a lot of foam when applying but it disappeared once dry.

The Results

Well not surprisingly it doesn’t work at all as a dry erase whiteboard paint but worth a try, the markers don’t erase at all.

I’m £10 worse off but happy in the knowledge I gave it a shot. Thanks to Stevie for the suggestion!

Final note… in fairness to this product it was designed as an anti graffiti paint and I tested it for a different purpose so it’s important to be clear I didn’t try to review it as an anti graffiti product.

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    haha god loves a trier !!!! that was never going to work,

    you would have had some worried whiteboard paint companies on your hands if it had of 🙂

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