The Seven WFH Colleague Types

The Seven WFH Colleague Types

I think we’re all over dreading video calls as they’ve now become a routine part of life. I’m not sure what it is about video calls but they seem to leave people’s habits more pronounced than when you’re in the office. These are just some of the types of people we become on video calls.

The Interrupter

We all know this guy or girl. The one who’s voice has to be heard no matter what. Always interrupting the meeting chair when all they’re trying to do is make sure we all get out alive. 

Mr. Munch

Every time I log on to a call there’s one team mate in particular that’s eating something. Every. Single. Time. The bag of crisps is always the clincher for pushing annoyance levels through the roof.

The Doggy Daycarer

I love dogs so I have nothing against these people. I wish I was one. I take more issue with the people that give out about dogs on Zoom calls. These people are clearly disturbed. They might be a bit distracting, but put yourself on mute if they’re making noise and you’re good to go. 

You can now use programmes like Krisp that will detect any background noise such as dogs barking, sirens wailing, or kids screaming. It will automatically cancel it so only you can be heard. 

The Space Cadet

The problem with having the world at your fingertips for these people is they zone out of what’s going on on your call. They tend to be so distracted they might as well have placed a cardboard cutout of themselves at their desk. Or just put up a virtual screen.

These guys are an easy target to pick out. Once you ask them a question they’ll make a quick excuse about the connection dropping or just give a quick yes/no answer. Boom. That’s when you hit them with a couple of follow up questions to bury them in awkwardness! 

The Noisy One

For some reason this category doesn’t understand that we can all hear them perfectly fine and there’s just no need to shout. Lumped into the same group are the people who haven’t discovered the mute button. From their relentless keyboard strokes to constant rummaging they are fearless in their effort to irritate. When there’s a request for everyone to go on mute, these people decide it’s their right of way to be HEARD!

The Socialite

Always looking for their next engagement this type is hungry to talk about the latest gossip. When you were in the office this group were the hoverers. They would tend to spend a lot of the day lurking around other people’s desks looking to strike up some sort of conversation while you try to do your work.

Now they pull you on to a Zoom call under false pretenses, or to discuss something that could have been sorted with one sentence in an email. Once they have you on that call, you’re trapped. But not for long. It’s easy enough to get out of this by hanging up and saying your connection has been dropping out all day. Back to the one sentence email you go! 

The Fancy One

Dressed to impress. Who exactly they need to impress is the question?! Most people have taken a more relaxed approach to dressing themselves, but not this guy. Seemingly making a statement that they are definitely working as hard, if not harder, they show up wearing a wardrobe worthy of fashion week in Milan.

It goes further than this though. Their home background aspires to Ideal Home perfection, while falling down on consisting of popular Ikea purchases. 

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