On the Hunt for My Next Blog Series Idea!

Now that I’m coming to the end of my whiteboard paint series (what a ride that was…)  I’m looking for ideas for a new series of product reviews to keep me busy on these winter lockdown nights 🙂

I’d love to hear suggestions or ideas, topics to do with work from home, innovations for home office, maybe with a covid related twist. I have learned an awful lot about paint in the last couple of months so I’m definitely open to learning more about paints or interior products but definitely not more whiteboards 🙂

So ping me on twitter or here with your ideas or comment below!


15 thoughts on “On the Hunt for My Next Blog Series Idea!”

  1. Hey Ivan washing detergents is a mad one they labelled as eco friendly and human friendly / non bio however they are pretty toxic and people don’t know this

    Please do something on this to make people aware !!!

    Thanks Marie

  2. What about ECO paint I’ve wondered if worth the investment after reading about all the crazy stuff in some the whiteboard paint, id bet there are some hairy ingredients in the ECO stuff in B&Q for £140a can? How can they sell it for that….

  3. What about different types of lighting in the home office / work area like LED v traditional lighting ? its an often overlooked topic for human welfare and little covered in my view


  4. Id love to see some practical alternatives to household items that are not harmful for example I left a comment on your detergent article, my local budget supermarket is Poundland and they have nothing that’s proper eco

    It’s easy for people with money to buy eco not so for normal people

  5. Hi Ivan

    Given there is a lot of talk of a big push to return to offices in the coming weeks / months.

    Im interested on any productivity deas around the hybrid working model to integrate teams in different locations, remote working, slightly complicated i know.

    I love you to give a comment on my thesis for my MBA i’ve sent you an email on it, love to hear from you. the blog is great

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