Tonsmile Office Wooden Desk Desktop Tidy Review

RATING: ★★★★★

I bought this little desk organiser a short while ago and think it’s a great little thing.

Saw a load of reviews saying it smelled really weird… Had to buy it after all these to see what the fuss was about! It was actually fine. The odour went away fairly quickly so I’m not sure what all the reviewers were going on about.

It arrives flat packed but is really easy to put together. Thought the instructions were easy to follow once I laid all the pieces out. Only took me 10 minutes to assemble after I laid them out. Once all the pieces are slotted together it’s pretty sturdy. Haven’t filled it up yet but the lower shelves and the upright file holders are decent in size so will probably hold a good amount.

Have only put it together but it seems like it will be hard-wearing.

Only thing was it longer than expected to arrive, but I suppose this could be down to covid.

Think it has a cool 70s vibe. The light veneer will fit in nicely with my black desk. Really happy with this new addition to my office which is slowly getting more and more organised. 

6 thoughts on “Tonsmile Office Wooden Desk Desktop Tidy Review”

  1. Looks a great idea if been looking for one

    Ivan can I ask

    What’s it’s made from ? Was the smell from the glue ?

    I’m pretty bad at putting IKEA stuff together was it hard ?

    Thanks you well organized man !!

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