Little Greene Absolute Emulsion Eco Paint Review

Over the past while I’ve come across paints with some pretty harmful toxins in them! Some have been bad for people’s health as well as the environment. There are more and more eco options out there so I thought it would be a good opportunity to test some.

Doing decorating yourself can be such a pain! Over the course of all these lockdowns it’s been a bit of a release. I’ve spent much of my time painting… Even only doing one room or a feature wall can be such a pain. If you’re going to do it you want it to last as long as possible!

I wanted to try some eco paints this time around. Before I started painting I researched what was available and which product might be the best to use by getting a few smaller tins. You have cheaper paint options starting from around £10 pounds for a litre. Eco paints tend to be more expensive, and Little Greene is at the top end.


I wanted to see if there was really a difference between the more expensive options and whether it’s worth paying for them. We should all be doing our part for the environment and paint seems like a good area to target.


According to Little Greene’s website:

“At Little Greene we have always been totally committed to the ongoing well-being and protection of the world environment and in 2004 we were one of the first UK paint manufacturers to achieve the European environmental standard BS EN ISO 14001.”

This environmental standard puts environmental management at the heart of an organisation’s operations, to help meet environmental regulations and improve efficiency and environmental performance. Good start!

One of the major concerns with paint is what level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) do they release. These are any solvents that get released into the air as the paint is drying. They can be quite harmful to your health. The most common way that you will absorb them is through the respiratory system. You can also absorb them through simply touching the paint!

If you absorb these VOCs they can cause many different effects. The main one is that they can cause headaches which you’ll always see people call attention to. They can also cause eye and throat irritation. In extreme cases they can cause nausea. They have also been found to be damaging to central nervous system symptoms, liver and kidney damage, as well as having cancer risks.

That should certainly make all of us very cautious of what we bring into, and use, at home! Some paints are still heavily solvent based and these VOCs can linger for a long time after the paint has dried. It could be years before the room returns to a normal level! It’s great that there are quality eco paint options out there to combat this.

Little Greene Eco Paint Review

Little Greene are well known for their high quality paints and being committed to having a low environmental impact. Their paint contains very low VOC levels at only 6 grams per litre. All their paints are made in the UK too!

When I opened the tin there was little to no odour. You would nearly need to search it out, it was so low. Definitely safe if you’re painting with kids!

As a test, I used white. White paint is great for testing a paint range as you get a much better idea of how well the paint will cover imperfections. This is because the colour white reflects the most light.

This paint applied really easily and has great coverage. Pretty much what they state on the site. You never really know with paint companies! Little Greene Absolute Emulsion is a lovely thick consistency that results in a finish with depth. I was mesmerised by just stirring it! It has an entrancingly smooth texture. The paint was super easy to apply using a brush and roller.

Really happy with the results here. It is at the more expensive end of the spectrum but you really get what you pay for. I would highly recommend Little Greene’s Absolute Emulsion. 10/10!

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  1. Most of the big paint companies have low voc paints targeting this market, I don’t think there is any great benefits over those and these very pricey “eco paints”

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