Maintaining Productivity as Normality Returns – Part II

Returning to an office setting after months of working from home will take some adjusting to, but implementing a few simple changes will help to make the transition as seamless and stress free as possible – both for employees and employers alike.

Here are a few ways in which you can ensure productivity remains high as we all get back to our pre-pandemic lives, I for one am watching the Green list like a hawk and planning my next getaway with a feverish enthusiasm.

maintaining productivity in the office

Set the Scene

Office spaces have been vacant for much longer than anyone previously anticipated, which means that they’ll need a quick refresh to make sure they’re up to scratch. Interestingly a lot of the big organisations here like Barclays and the UK arms of USA firms such as KPMG and Goldmans all telling workers to return to their offices.

Paying attention to even the smallest of details will help to make sure employees settle back into desk work without much fuss. Many of us left the office back when it was still wintertime so ensure that the temperature is set to reflect the season change. This will prevent employees from getting too hot or cold and will improve concentration levels as a result.

Implement an Open-Door Policy

Asking employees for their suggestions on how to improve things is the best way to ensure that positive changes are being made. Not only will this encourage a more open and honest work environment, but it will also show people that you welcome feedback and are continually looking for ways to improve your business. Involving employees in various talks and responsibilities is a good way to boost morale and job satisfaction. If your employees are happy, they’re likely to be more productive which will in turn help your business to grow as well.

Make the Office a Phone-Free Zone

Working from home afforded employees a certain sense of freedom, one that can’t be mirrored in an office setting. Used to having mobile phones and other such luxuries right at their fingertips, it may be hard to break employees of the habit of checking their notifications at every given opportunity. However, instead of completely banning the use of mobile phones, encourage employees to switch their devices. This will allow them to focus on the job at hand without the constant stream of online noise distracting them.

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