Lockdown in London Part II

London, UK

This time last year, lockdown was a phrase many of us were more or less unfamiliar with… fast-forward to present day and unfortunately, it’s come to be part and parcel of everyday life in London. Already several weeks into our first lockdown of the second  year of this, there are certain things that have been helping me through. 

Pre-Work Coffee Run 

Dragging myself out of bed is usually the very last thing I want to do on a cold February morning but it’s true what they say, fresh air cures a multitude of ails. Getting out for a quick pre-work stroll and a coffee has proven to be a very positive way to start the day. 

Not only does it help me get my steps in, but it also gives me a purpose first thing in the morning and stops me from spending those extra minutes propped up in bed scrolling on my phone. Combine your walk with a stop off at your favourite local café to hit that real sweet spot – pastries are always a good idea. 

Weekly Takeaways 

Lockdown 1.0 I was all about that baking buzz. Sourdough, banana bread, peanut butter cookies – you name it, I probably attempted some version of it. This time around though, the motivation has dwindled, and homemade creations have quickly been replaced by weekly takeaways. 

One of the few ‘social’ things I do each week, my housemate is equally obsessed with food which means that it’s something we both look forward to. Sometimes we opt for the old reliables, other times we mix it up and try somewhere new – either way it’s a definite highlight and a great way to work our way through an ever-growing foodie bucket list. We found a great new vegan burger place last week – Bvrger!

Watching Bad TV

Normally bad TV isn’t top of people’s recommended viewing lists, but it is mine. Why? Because truly bad TV is the only thing that really helps me to switch off these days. 

Working from home has its perks but staring at a screen for 8+ hours a day is not one of them. Naturally, ruling TV out completely was never going to be feasible – let’s be honest, there’s little else to do – but watching something that requires little attention or brain space is the perfect compromise between the two. I’ve really been enjoying reality series in particular, think Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Celebs Go Dating… that kind of thing. The US Office has also just been added to Netflix which never fails to put me in a good mood. 

Outdoor Swimming.. Brrrrrr

Many people have discovered a newfound love for exercising over the course of the past few months – for me that love extends to sea swimming. There’s much to be said for a quick dip in the sea – emphasis on the word quick – and as with any other form of exercise, it’s rare a time that you regret doing it. 

There’s also a deep sense of satisfaction that comes with knowing you were able to tune out the voice in your head telling you not to do it and brave the waters anyway. Multiple layers, a hot water bottle keeping your clothes toastie and a variety of post-swim snacks are the key to making it as enjoyable an experience as possible. 

I’m a bit far from the sea for it to be an everyday thing anymore but I used to be a regular at the London Royal Docks. Unfortunately, that’s closed now but at least that gives the weather a bit of time to improve before I pick up where I left off!

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