Being Productive While Working From Home

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Being productive can be a challenge even at the best of times – factor in a global pandemic, and well, let’s just say it’s understandable that you might be having a hard time focusing. One might think that working from home would help on that front, but I’ve definitely found it difficult to stay on top of things. 

Having spent more time at home than ever before, I’ve become somewhat of a pro though so here are some of the things I’ve found useful for staying productive while working from home. 

To Do Lists

Granted, these aren’t for everyone, but I personally find seeing things written down really helpful. Not only is it a great way to get your thoughts in order but it’s also really useful for prioritising tasks and seeing what needs to be done and when by. 

These lists don’t have to be anything fancy or elaborate, they don’t even have to be physically written down – I jot most of mine down in the notes app on my phone. Tasks on my own to do lists range from ‘get the groceries’ to ‘go for a walk’ and I get great satisfaction in ticking each one off as I complete it. 

The key here is to keep each list plain and simple. Why? You’re more likely to stick to it if it’s realistic and contains things you can actually achieve in any given day. 

Use the Pomodoro Technique 

This technique was something I only learned about this year, but it’s a complete gamechanger and has made me so much more productive when working from home. It sounds fancy but I promise it’s very simple to understand. 

Basically, this technique encourages you to break your workday into various 25-minute chunks – each with a five-minute break in between. These five-minute breaks are referred to as ‘pomodoros’. Complete four pomodoros and you’ve earned yourself a longer break of about 15-20 minutes. 

The idea is to work for short bursts of time but with zero distractions – with the pomodoro being your motivation to stay focused. It sounds too simple to actually work, but trust me, it really does. There are loads of different apps you can download to help you keep track of timings or alternatively, you can just use your phone… make sure your internet is off if you do use your phone though, that way there’s no temptation to check your Instagram notifications for the millionth time in a row. 

Lunchtime walks 

Without the morning commute to the office, most days I have no real reason to leave the house. Grocery shopping is the only weekly activity I do religiously and though it definitely feels like much more of an ‘occasion’ these days, it’s not exactly what I’d call fun. 

Getting out for a quick lunchtime stroll has been my saving grace while working from home though. It’s the one hour of the day that I have to myself and I’ve learned to really make the most of it. For me, that means grabbing a cuppa from a nearby café, putting on my favourite podcast and actually breathing. It sounds silly but sitting at home – day in day out – you can actually forget to pay attention to simple things like breathing, and that cold London air will definitely help you beat the mid-afternoon slump and get through the rest of the day. 

Hopefully some of the above help you out on your quest to being productive. If all else fails… turn to coffee – it’s a great working from home companion when you need a helping hand to stay focused!

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