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My Story

Working from home has been a bit of a roller coaster, so I decided to start writing a blog about the experience. Early on during lockdown I was more of a work from home sloth than a participating employee. This blog takes a look at the ways I’ve been improving this, and looking to up my productivity game.

Blog Posts

A look at what working from home has been like in my experience. The plan is to become a bit more productive so you’re welcome to come along on this journey with me.


Tell Me a Story

I’m always looking for other people’s experiences working from home. If you have a funny story to share or an interesting take on working from home, just send me a message. I’m also constantly on the lookout for practical tools.


About Ivan

Working as a digital marketer, Ivan has worked with brands big and small.

Searching for stay at home hobbie, this is what he has decided to do in his free time.